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Nesting as a child custody arrangement

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2022 | Family Law

Nesting is a unique custody arrangement some divorcing parents might embrace out of concerns for their children. The divorced parents may share the family home through nesting, altering occupancy based on an established schedule. The children remain at the same Alabama residence, gaining any potential benefits such stability may offer.

Nesting for the young persons

Nesting might seem like an atypical approach to child custody arrangements, but the decision may benefit the child greatly. A young person might suffer tremendous stress when parents divorce. Moving to a new home in a new location could mean changing schools, leaving friends behind, and possibly giving up on beloved hobbies. A nesting plan may work better for the children if the parents can agree on how to go about it.

Family law statutes cover child custody arrangements, and nesting could become the focus of a parenting plan. Both parents would surely have to agree to the arrangement. Things might not work out when one parent doesn’t fully believe in the concept.

Divorce settlements and negotiations

Of course, the child cannot remain in the same home if the parents insist on selling it. However, another arrangement could be possible, including selling the house and agreeing to “nest” in a nearby apartment. Such an approach could keep the young one in the same neighborhood and routine, although the residence would be different. Sometimes, financial considerations may lead to such a situation. Parents might discuss options and plans during settlement talks.

Settlement negotiations may address child custody and care issues, but the court has the final say. Ultimately, a judge reviews the evidence to determine the child’s best interests.