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Social media and divorce proceedings don’t always mix

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Family Law

Millions of people appreciate the opportunity to post on social media. Some may air personal business, hoping to find advice or merely vent. Persons involved in divorce proceedings in an Alabama courtroom may wish to reconsider their social media practices. Publishing content on Facebook or Instagram could result in new evidence impacting the process.

Social media and divorcing spouses

Social media presents many positives to society thanks to how the various platforms make communication easier. Social media could become addictive, especially for those wishing to draw a large following. Marriages may suffer due to social media activities as someone may spend more time seeking to become an influencer than attending to his or her spouse’s needs. Even when social media has nothing to do with marital woes, the platforms could exacerbate a problem.

Complaining about a spouse or, worse, making hostile or demeaning references could leave someone facing problems in divorce court. Such behaviors may support claims of mental cruelty, for example.

Financial matters face scrutiny during divorce negotiations since spouses seek equitable settlements. Social media posts that hint that someone may intend to hide money could reflect little more than a misunderstanding. Negotiations may now become far more complicated to straighten out due to confusion about an ill-advised post on Facebook.

A positive attitude about social media

Since many divorcing spouses rely on social media to remain in contact with others or disseminate career-related information, staying off social media may not be possible. Those who must continue to post could benefit from taking the proverbial high road. Staying positive and avoiding controversy and negativity may help a spouse avoid problems in a divorce case.

Cutting back on unnecessary social media activity could help too. Decreasing social media commentary and behavior may be the right strategy to follow until the divorce proceedings end. Comments and videos that don’t exist can’t undergo a review in court.

Keeping the profile private may keep information away from eyes that don’t need to see it. Sometimes, keeping a low profile appears advisable when going through serious legal proceedings, such as divorce.