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Dealing with a narcissist during divorce

On Behalf of | May 10, 2022 | Family Law

Dealing with someone suffering from narcissistic personality disorder could be troubling. However, divorcing a narcissist might prove even more challenging and stressful. While others may enter an Alabama family court with an appropriate attitude, a narcissist might upend the process and make things difficult for everyone. So, the other spouse may need to prepare for settlement talks or an impending trial properly.

Troubles with a narcissist in family court

Persons suffering from narcissism may think incredibly highly of themselves and have little regard for others. Some might react aggressively when they feel people aren’t paying enough attention to them. Perhaps their behavior is what led to the divorce. Unfortunately, a narcissist’s attitude might not become cooperative merely because they entered legal proceedings. Some behavioral issues may follow.

The narcissist’s actions may turn the proceedings into a high-conflict divorce, one that drags out longer than necessary. For example, a refusal to agree to selling a home and demanding to receive it could be unacceptable to the other spouse. Negotiations might fail and move to a lengthy and costly trial.

The narcissist’s behavior could also hamper the proceedings. Angry outbursts and temper tantrums might make ruin entire days of negotiations. Such behavior could even happen in court in front of the judge.

A legal process moves forward

A high-conflict divorce could become more problematic when involving children. Coming with an acceptable child support amount and workable parenting plan may time more effort than necessary and come with tremendous stress. Preparing for such a situation might help mitigate things.

If settlement negotiations reach an impasse, going to trial could prove unavoidable. That said, the parties may still reach an agreeable conclusion.