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Tasks to do before filing for divorce in Alabama

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Family Law

Splitting up with a married partner in Alabama involves much more than when you separate from someone you have lived with for several years. Divorce involves several logistics that require careful consideration before making the split final. Preparation is essential for reaching a successful settlement.

Gathering necessary information

Taking the first steps to file for divorce can seem overwhelming. Family law experts indicate that most people considering divorce should retain legal counsel in some form instead of going it alone in court. Retaining counsel can help guide you through negotiations.

When filing for divorce, you’ll need accurate information about all areas of your life. Some of the detail you need to gather include:

  • Organize your finances to determine what you owe on any debt
  • Close joint credit accounts and establish credit in your own name
  • Gather proof of income
  • Monitor joint financial accounts
  • Set a post-divorce budget
  • Decide who will stay in the home

Be careful of your behavior, both before and during divorce proceedings, as anything untoward you do during this time could be used against you. Behavior is especially significant if you have children and must discuss child custody. Consider spending time with friends and family instead of attempting to pursue a new relationship until your divorce is final.

Easing the pain of divorce

If you have amicable proceedings the divorce process will be much easier. Of course, not all negotiations are friendly, so you should prepare yourself to face painful issues, including difficult property divisions.

Arming yourself with the necessary information to be ready for any eventuality will help prepare you for all aspects of divorce negotiations, whether amicable or not. The information that you gather will help you know what you can expect to achieve and help make your post-divorce life easier.

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