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Practical Solutions To Child Custody Disputes

An ideal custody and visitation arrangement allows both parents to play a role in the child’s life and prioritizes the child’s best interests. However, arriving at such an arrangement is not always easy – or in some scenarios, desirable.

At Josh O'Neal & Associates, we use more than 25 years of combined experience to represent Alabama clients in complex and often contentious custody proceedings. Our team of attorneys develops flexible and practical solutions designed to meet the needs of you and your family. We will not hesitate to advocate for you aggressively, particularly if your child’s co-parent refuses to compromise or is trying to do something that does not have your child’s best interests in mind.

How Does Alabama Determine Child Custody?

If two parents do not reach a mutually satisfactory custody arrangement privately, they will proceed to court and a judge will issue one for them. Family law courts consider several factors in custody cases, including:

  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • The location of each parent
  • Each parent’s ability to care for the child
  • The child’s medical, educational and material needs
  • The reports of independent experts
  • The stated preference of the child, in some situations

In our state, judges give preference to joint physical and legal custody whenever possible. However, if the judge determines that there are factors that place the child’s best interests in jeopardy – for example, a history of abuse, addiction or mental illness in a parent – then they will likely award the other parent primary or sole custody.

Start On The Road To A Practical Solution

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